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Lisa Genova is an American author who has earned her place in contemporary fiction by writing narratives that are inspired by the human spirit and neuroscience. Her novels are typically themed on neurological disorders and diseases and the people living with them, often misunderstood, feared or ignored by the public. Genova has been referred to as brain science's Michael Crichton and fiction's Oliver Sacks for her critically acclaimed works. Genova made her debut in fiction writing with the publication of "Still Alice" in 2007, a novel that went on to become an award-winning title and New York Times bestseller. She graduated from Bates College with a degree in Biopsychology and was valedictorian. She later obtained her Neuroscience Ph.D. from Harvard University. Through her novels, Genova is determined to accurately and passionately describe the journey of those living with neurological disorders. She hopes to bring awareness to the public and to provide a voice to those who are often misunderstood, feared or ignored.
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