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Renowned bestselling author Laura Hillenbrand has written numerous books, among them Sea Biscuit and Unbroken. Sea Biscuit was her first book, released in 2001 and winning the Sports Book of the Year award that same year. Laura was compelled to write the book because she found that people could live a more improbable, breathtaking, and satisfying life through its characters. After telling the story in American Heritage Magazine and receiving positive feedback from book critics, she proceeded to write the entire book. It is important to note that Sea Biscuit was nominated for an Academy Award in 2003. Unbroken is another book written by Laura, a story of resilience, survival, and redemption about a World War II hero. It was adapted into a film in 2014, and the books have since dominated the bookselling market. Research shows that Laura has sold over ten million copies of her books.
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