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Kent Haruf is an award-winning literary fiction novelist from Pueblo, Colorado. Born in 1943 to Louis Hoerauf, a Methodist preacher, the family name was changed to Haruf due to Louis's frustration that nobody seemed to get it right. The name rhymes with sheriff, but the change did not seem to work as nobody says it right to this day. The Harufs had a rootless life as Louis moved all over Colorado preaching, during which time his children were encouraged to find whatever jobs they could find in the community they found themselves in. As such, Kent remembers living in more than three small towns in Colorado, which colored his view of the rural setting that he writes about in Holt, the setting for all his six novels. After graduating from high school, he went to Nebraska Wesleyan University, from where he graduated with a BA in literature. He then spent two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkey, which is where he started writing fiction. Aspiring to become a professional author, Haruf moved to Denver, Colorado, where he worked as a teacher and a writer. He has since published six novels, all of which have been critically acclaimed and have won numerous awards.
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